Cardio Endo & Neuro

In the past 5 years XL Precision Technologies have gained a number of marque customers in the Cardio & Endo vascular market. Our advanced laser cutting technologies & micro-machining capabilities have provided the opportunity to become involved in the development of new product launches for these customers. We have also seen strong growth with SME and start up companies in this ever advancing field of medical device technology.

  • Flexible hypo-tubes & assemblies
  • Distal end catheter components & sub-assemblies
  • Class III Implants
  • AAA graft stent delivery systems
  • Inferior vena cava filter components
  • Peripheral Stents
    • Laser Technologies

– Laser cutting (tube & flat bed)
– Laser welding

      • CNC Micro-machining
      • EDM
      • Clean room assembly
      • Assisted with the development of several sub-assemblies for graft stent deployment systems
      • Developed bespoke flexible laser cut hypo tubes from concept to production
      • Development a range of laser cut flat and tubular components for complex distal end stent deployment devices