Development Services

A key part of our success, over almost 20 years, has been our ability to engage and support our medical device customers with quick-turn prototyping and technical support during their new product development. Our experience has shown we can accelerate customer projects by utilising our innovation in medical component development & manufacturing.

We have now tailored our development service to better meet our medical device customer’s needs with 3 dedicated development service offerings

XLerator Service

Quick turn prototyping

Development XLerator Day

One day development at XL PT

3D Metal Printing Studio

Quick turn prototyping of 3D metal printing

Our Development Services are founded on our core capabilities

Laser Technology

  • Laser cutting tubes/shafts 
  • Laser cutting flat components
  • Laser welding
  • Laser etching & ablation

Micro machining  

  • EDM (electro discharge machining) Wire and Sink
  • High Speed CNC machining (milling & turning)
  • Laser tube cutting
  • Laser cutting flat components
  • 3D metal printing