Sports Medicine

In the past 6 years XL Precision Technologies have adapted their disposable medical component manufacturing experience and knowledge and developed a strong base of business with a number of global orthopaedic devices companies focusing in the sports medicine & spinal instrument market. Utilising our prototyping & development services and our knowledge of soft tissue instrument manufacturing we have made this a significant growth area for XL Precision Technologies.

  • Inserters
  • Curved tubes
  • Drills
  • Hex drivers
  • Flexible sheaths
  • Gage wires
  • Shavers – burrs and blades
  • Electrodes
    • EDM Technologies
    • Laser Technologies

– Laser cutting (tube & flat bed)
– Welding
– Marking

  • CNC Machining
  • Secondary Capabilities
  • Developed suture anchor drivers
  • Developed tenodesis device components
  • Proprietary laser cut patterns based on specific needs
  • Intricate electrode designs
  • One and two piece shaver designs
  • Custom Laser knurling patterns