Prototyping & Development Service

A key part of our success, over almost 20 years, has been our ability to engage and support our medical device customers with quick-turn prototyping and technical support during their new product development. Our experience has shown we can accelerate customer projects by utilising our innovation in medical component development & manufacturing.

Our three core medical component capabilities are:

  • Electro discharge machining (EDM)
  • Laser Technologies
  • Micro Machining

Our Prototyping & Development services consist of the following;

  • Dedicated process and design development team
  • Design for manufacturing input at all key design stages
  • Significant economic benefits
  • Full 3D CAD service, ideal for start-up companies
  • Quick-turn prototyping at each stage of your medical device design

We also have the expertise and experience to take your device component or sub-assembly from development to production, utilising our innovative tooling knowledge around manufacturing and inspection

At all stages of your device development XL Precision Technologies can help

  • Concept to working samples
  • Clinical ready samples
  • Production ready
  • DFM inputs at each stage