Micro Machining

XL Precision Technologies operates full 4D design and machine programming systems. We can interpret customer requirements via drawings or computer models, and quickly establish feasibility and delivery plans.

We utilise a proprietary combination of laser technology, wire erosion, spark erosion, traditional 5-axis CNC machining and new in 2018 3D Metal Printing Technology to ensure we can uniquely meet our customers high demands in component manufacturing. 

Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is a sophisticated process that uses a computer-controlled, electric plasma field, conducted through fine wire, to cut and shape all metal alloys and other conductive materials. The surface finish can be refined to eliminate any further polishing processes.

Sink EDM utilises the same technology as wire EDM but using specific shape and configuration electrodes to define the machined feature or dimension. XL Precision Technologies offers the latest technology and capability in extremely accurate and economic applications.

We offer multiple-axis milling and turning capability, via sliding head (Swiss) machining or high rpm vertical spindle systems, to provide optimum cost and capability solutions.

EDM features can be combined with laser machined and conventionally machined components and assembled using laser micro-welding technology. These combinations of process significantly broaden the applications and solutions available. Universal modelling and programming software ensures design integrity is maintained. To further increase the productivity, a low profile, universal, work holding tooling system has been developed. By setting the work piece away from the machine we improve flexibility and increase machine utilisation; all of which helps us to be more competitive in the market.

Within our micro-machining capabilities our Laser Technologies hold a key element to our ongoing success. With our laser tube cut cutting capabilities we can produce extremely small tubular components, used in Cardio and Neuro vascular deployment devices.

We also offer a unique 5 axis flat bed laser cutting capability, we produced this capability in house at XL PT for various medical component needs and has proved to be of great interest to our customers.

XL Precision Technologies Micro-machining capabilities

Expertise in four micro-machining capabilities – That’s XL Precision Technologies

3D Metal Printing

Our new 3D metal printing capability offers high definition for micro-machined medical components. Using our existing micro-machining capabilities allows us to fully utilise 3D metal printing;   

  • Easy removal of the parts from the bed
  • Adding additional features with EDM and Laser machining
  • Post 3D metal printing surface treatment, tumbling and electro-polishing