Medtech Innovation

The XL-PT Medtech Innovation is delivered through expert knowledge in three core medical component manufacturing capabilities;

  • Electro-discharge machining (EDM)
  • Laser Technologies
  • Micro-Machining.


This allows us to tackle the most complex and demanding medical component and sub-assembly challenges.

Utilising over 18 years of medical component and sub-assembly development expertise and experience our dedicated development team supports customers from global OEM to SME, and start-up medical device companies.

We offer DFM advice and assistance at each key stage of the development process


Utilising significant depth of medical component volume manufacturing experience, our process engineering group are well placed to provide stable & validated process solutions to new product launches.

Our expertise in both manufacturing and inspection tooling has allowed XL Precision Technologies to become a key production partner for a number of global OEM medical device companies as well as becoming an enabling partner for SME and start-up enterprises.

We will support our customers in supplying and qualifying the component / sub-assembly through the key stages from development to full production