Development XLerator Day

XL Precision Technologies now offer a Development XLerator Day.

The Development Accelerator Day allows our customers to come on site at XL Precision Technologies and work directly with our development team.  This allows out customers to rapidly accelerate their medical component design with open access to all of our core capabilities   

Before you arrive on site we tailor the day to meet your needs;

  • Pre-day ordering of material 
  • Optional Pre-day development, producing initial samples for review on the day
  • Complete use of our various capabilities on site that day
  • Dedicated XL PT development engineering staff during the day
  • Optional post day on-going development, producing samples based on the development during the day on site at XL PT  

The ultimate goal is to help our customer’s accelerate their development projects 

Laser Technology

  • Laser cutting tubes/shafts 
  • Laser cutting flat components
  • Laser welding
  • Laser etching & ablation

Micro Machining  

  • EDM (electro discharge machining) Wire and Sink
  • High Speed CNC machining (milling & turning)
  • Laser tube cutting
  • Laser cutting flat components
  • 3D metal printing